Saturday, March 21, 2009

Sheet music made easier :]

Hey all,
I decided to make a blog so that I can put all my sheet music on here. It'll be much easier than putting it in a description box (because some people don't care to read and then pester me for sheet music) and it's much easier than e-mailing hundreds of people. So this works well for me, and I'm hoping it works well for you also.
Check my blog once and a while for sheet music to most of the songs I've played.
Thanks for the support.

- Michelle


  1. Hi Michelle,it´s wonderful but Im trying to get the Forever and Always and I couldn´t can you sen me by e-mail,please, I´ll be very thankfull.You are great girl ,sucess for you always. I´m brazilian that´s why my english is not that good LOL
    thanks again !!!!!

  2. Hey Michelle,
    Love all this music you're putting up! I have a small song request and it was hard for me to try and decipher because I don't have enough time to sit down and work it out by ear. The riff is AWESOME (I can play it but that's it!)

    'Tokyo(Vampires and Wolves)' by The Wombats
    Thanks so much and I love your blog <3