Wednesday, January 25, 2012


I really wanted to share this poem I wrote. Maybe a few of you can relate to it. Let me know what you think!

He looks at me, a dark blank stare
He loves to fight, who he hurts he doesn’t care.
His heart is full with hate, he screams down the hall
He calls me names as he pushes me against the wall.
He looks for his next victim, he doesn’t care who
The girl who’s good at math, or the kid who’s new.
He is satisfied as long as they cry
His anger builds as my classmates scamper by.
I’m his next victim; I’m the one he saw last,
He likes that I cry easy, with my heart made of glass.
Why am I being teased? Please someone step in
I will never fight back, I will never win.
I stand in the hallway, my teacher can see it all,
He just shakes his head, he is less than appalled.
This happens all too often, what can the teacher do?
It’s just elementary school, I will make it through.
Once or twice the teachers have joined in,
Making the teasing worse; my confidence wearing thin.
I’m told teasing is a part of life, it’s a phase that will pass,
So the bully wins again, and this time won’t be the last.
It happens again the next day
It won’t stop no matter what I say.
I wonder how many tears I’ll cry before he will see
Why is it so hard to just let me be?
He looks at me and his eyes show no pity
He won’t bug the blonde girls, he thinks they’re more pretty.
His fists clench ever so tight
A tear slides down my face as it turns pale and white.
I’ve done nothing wrong, just merely wondering why
All I did was grab my bags, pass him, and walk by.
Why am I being hit? Why won’t anyone step in?
He will never stop, he will always win.

New Sheet Music

Don't You Remember - Adele

Safe and Sound - Taylor Swift ft. The Civil Wars (simple version)

Safe and Sound - Taylor Swift ft. The Civil Wars

Charlie Brown - Coldplay